Payroll is one of the most regulated functions in an organization that must meet federal, state, and local jurisdiction requirements.  Altitude Payroll provides the tools to ensure those requirements are met.

Compliance Posters

Avoid hefty finds for not having an up to date poster.  They are required by law!  All employers with at least one employee are required to post Federal and State Labor Posters.  Failure to post as up to date poster can result in hefty fines from agencies and lawsuits from employees.  Altitude Payroll provides these as part of our service.


HR Support Center

The HR Support Center with HR On-Demand gives you anytime access to online HR tools and documents, as well as live HR advice from our team of certified advisors.

  • Laws and Regs
  • Documents and Policies
  • Employee Handbooks



Workers Compensation

With our Workers Compensation Pay-As-You-Go program you can easily manage your budget.  Employees can quickly and easily manage your budget by paying on actual wages each pay period rather than a large payment at the beginning of your policy year.