Payroll Processing

In payroll today, being flexible and adaptable is the key to successfully getting your employees paid. Payroll is not a one sized fits all and the way that you report your information and receive your information shouldn’t be either.

At Altitude Payroll, we don’t try to fit you into our systems and processes, we find the best systems and processes for your business. We build your service around what works best for you and your employees. Regardless of how you report and receive your information, you always have a dedicated representative to answer your questions.

Dedicated Payroll Specialist

You will be assigned to a dedicated payroll specialist who is an expert at answering your questions.

Online Payroll And Reports

Add new employees or make employee changes, enter hours, and get your payroll reports easily online.

Phone, Fax or Email

If you prefer to submit your payroll directly to your payroll specialist, the choice is your.

Employee Portal

Employees can quickly and easily get access to their pay stubs and W2’s.