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Altitude Payroll wants to help small businesses get started. Sometimes knowing where to go and what to do can be a complicated and time consuming process. We are providing links below to assist you in setting up your small business.

This Document will assist you in registering for the appropriate states that you currently have employees or are conducting business. Online registrations are the preferred method. At completion of online registrations for most states it will provide you with your new ID’s and rates. This information needs to be sent to Altitude Payroll as soon as you get it.

Always print out copies of completed registrations for your records.

If you have already registered with one taxing authority in a state check with that state to insure you can still register online. Many states use a combined registration online but if one ID has already been obtained paper forms will need to be completed to register for the other ID’s.

When you complete these applications please do the following:

1. Complete each application to its fullest. Pay special attention to fields that are asking for dates and amounts. Your application can be rejected if the information is not accurate or complete.

2. Please read through all instructions to ensure you are using and entering the correct information. Some states applications are more involved than others so this is important for an accurate submission.

3. Make sure you use your legal name address (address found on an official IRS document or notice) when entering your information. If it is not entered consistently it could lead to double filings or generate notices, letters, or bills unnecessarily due to no matching information.

4. Always print a copy for your records

5. Send a printed copy to your accountant and Altitude Payroll immediately.

Most states require new businesses in that state to register the business with the Secretary of State prior to applying for withholding and other tax type ID’s. Confirm you are registered with the Secretary of State before performing any business applications.



Federal ID Registration (EIN)

Colorado State Unemployment

Register your business in Colorado
Colorado Business Express-Withholding and Unemployment Application

On the Colorado Business Express link simply click on the Start Your Filing button in the center of the screen and that will take you into the online application for the Withholding, Sales and Use, and Unemployment Tax ID registrations.